Radiology Technician Schools in Texas

A great career to pursue is one as a Radiology Technician. This is a vital healthcare field where doctors depend on the technician to provide images of structures inside the body. This way they can diagnose and treat illness, injuries and diseases. With the many imaging technologies and the increasing need for Radiology Technicians, a career in this field will open doors and provide a great income as well.

The Radiology Tech or Radiographer learns how to safely operate imaging equipment, handle patients efficiently and professionally and do simple maintenance of the machines used to take images. These technicians have a wide variety of settings they work in, including hospitals, clinics and medical labs.

If you are in Texas, you will find a large number of schools that will provide the training you need to become a Radiology Technician. This is not a listing of every school. If the ones listed are not in your area, you can check your local community college to see if they have the needed curriculum.

  • Midwestern State University

Midwestern State University is located in Wichita Falls, Texas and provides radiologic technology courses to help you launch your career as a Radiographer. They state that they give students the opportunity to engage in research along with the faculty and to participate in service programs.

  • Houston Community College

Houston Community College is one of many colleges in Houston, Texas that provides an education as a Radiology Technician. Take a 16-week term to be prepared to get certified in radiologic technology.

  • Medvance Institute-Houston

Medvance Institute in Houston has a Medical Radiologic Technology curriculum so you can become a Radiation Therapist. According to their mission, they are committed to graduate professional qualified to start their career right in the medical field.

  • The College of Health Care Professions

The College of Health Care Professions has two campuses in Houston, one of which (Northwest Mall) has courses in Diagnostic Medical Sonography so you can become an Ultrasound Technician and courses in Medical Radiologic Technology for a profession as a Radiation Therapist. The campus on Southwest Freeway has a curriculum so you can become a Radiology Technician with their Radiologic Technology and Science courses.

There are two other College of Health Care Professions schools in Texas. The one in San Antonio has courses in Diagnostic Medical Sonography for a career as an Ultrasound Technician as well as training as a Radiology Tech. The school in Austin provides training as a Radiation Therapist.

  • Southwest Career Institute

Located in El Paso, the Southwest Career Institute will train you as a Radiology Technician, enabling you to achieve the educational excellence you are searching for in learning and having a great career opportunity in radiology.

  • Valley Grande Institute for Academic Studies

In Weslaco, the Valley Grande Institute for Academic Studies offers students courses in Medical Radiologic Technology and Science for a career as a Radiation Therapist. This is just one aspect of the field of radiology and will get you off to a good start.

  • Career Centers of Texas-Ft Worth

In the Career Centers of Texas program for Radiologic Technology, you will find courses to help you achieve your training as a Radiology Technician. The campus in Fort Worth is located on Beach Street. You will develop the skills, knowledge and work habits necessary to set you apart from others.

  • Midland College

Midland College in Midland, Texas has both Medical Radiologic Technology courses and Radiologic Technology and Science studies to become a Radiographer. The faculty and staff work to ensure the students attain the highest academic and professional proficiency.

  • Laredo Community College

In Laredo, Texas, you’ll find Laredo Community College offers courses to train you for your Radiologic Technician career. This school focuses on everything you need to meet your goals.


Here is an additional list of colleges in Texas that will help you achieve your goals in this thriving field.

  • Grayson County College – Denison, Texas – Radiologic Technology
  • Wharton County Junior College – Wharton, Texas – Radiologic Technology
  • Northeast Texas Community College – Mount Pleasant, Texas – Radiologic Technology
  • Howard College – Big Spring, Texas – Radiologic Technology
  • Kilgore College – Kilgore, Texas – Radiologic Technology
  • Lone Star College System – The Woodlands, Texas – Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Medical Radiologic Technology
  • Angelina College – Lufkin, Texas – Radiologic Technology
  • Odessa College – Odessa, Texas – Medical Radiologic Technology
  • Southwest Texas Junior College – Uvalde, Texas – Radiologic Technology
  • Tyler Junior College – Odessa, Texas – Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Radiologic Technology
  • Paris Junior College – Paris, Texas – Radiologic Technology
  • Galveston College – Galveston, Texas – Medical Radiologic Technology and Radiologic Technology
  • San Jacinto Community College – Pasadena, Texas – Radiologic Technology

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