Radiology Technician Schools in California

One of the most popular medical fields in which to begin a career is that of a Radiology Technician. Radiology is vital as it provides images of the inside of the human body so doctors can accurately diagnose and thus treat various diseases. There are a number of imaging technologies and each is important in helping improve health outcomes.

A Radiology Technician must be well trained in order to get the right images so the correct structures show within the body so a physician can do his job. The tech must be able to operate the machines, keep the patient safe and be skilled at caring for the patients under their care, answering any questions.  They work in hospitals, clinics or medical labs all around the country. Some are even in private practice.

There are many colleges in California that provide training as a Radiology Technician, some concentrating mostly on courses for an Ultrasound Technician, but others providing a full array of Radiologic Technology courses.

Southern California Radiology Technician Schools

Here are some of the most popular schools in Southern California:

  • California College

With California College in San Diego, a student will prepare to apply for a Radiology Practical Technician job, getting a Limited Scope X-Ray license and other certifications. The graduate will be able to get patients ready for various procedures and work with the technology systems needed.

  • West Coast Ultrasound Institute

In Beverly Hills, you will find the West Coast Ultrasound Institute provides a thorough education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Learn the technology of a Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician. West Coast is dedicated to giving a well-balanced curriculum with both theory and supervised clinical training.

  • Kaplan College

Kaplan College has a campus in North Hollywood, offering courses in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Medical Radiologic Technology. You can earn your Radiologic Technology diploma and become a part of this expanding field. You will have the skills to take on an entry-level job. Lectures and lab experience helps you to learn the skills needed to be a diagnostic imaging professional. The X-Ray Technician courses teach you how to use X-ray machines and analyze images.

  • Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara City College has a radiology technology program that gets you a radiology technology degree. In 2010 there were thirty-two students who graduated from this program. Learn how to competently use imaging equipment and take care of patients needing X-rays.

  • Pasadena City College

At Pasadena City College, in Pasadena, California, you can gain an Associate in Science in Radiologic Technology. This college was founded in 1924 and has been providing high quality education since that time. The Health Sciences division delivers the radiologic technology program in this school. This is a two-year school and requires full time attendance. You will learn how to operate the computerized imaging systems as well as how to take care of and interact with patients. Students also get to practice in supervised clinical settings.

  • Newbridge College

Newbridge College has two campuses, one in Long Beach and one in Santa Ana, California. Newbridge offers courses in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. You can study to be a Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician under excellent and qualified instructors who have professional experience. There is much emphasis on practical skills.

  • Casa Loma College

Casa Loma College is in Van Nuys and has an educational program in Radiologic Technology.

This school is dedicated to providing an excellent education and service to all students.

  • Modern Technology School

The Modern Technology School in Fountain Valley has both a Diagnostic Medical Sonography curriculum and courses in Medical Radiologic Technology. The studies here will prepare you for a professional career in the diagnostic healthcare field.

  • Career Colleges of America

Career Colleges of America (CCA) has a campus in South Gate, California where students take educational programs in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Sonographer/Ultrasound Technician. Once graduated, you are ready to begin entry-level positions for your chosen field.

  • ATI College

ATI College has a campus in Santa Ana and one in Norwalk. You will be able to train in the Medical Sonography field and learn to be an Ultrasound Technician.

Northern California Radiology Technician Schools

Here are some popular schools in Northern California:

  • City College of San Francisco

The City College of San Francisco has ten campuses in San Francisco. With programs all accredited by the JRCERT, this is a great program, but also extremely competitive. Only twelve to fifteen students are admitted each year. Students learn all the theory required as well as get clinical training in local hospitals.

  • Lincoln University

At Lincoln University in Oakland, California, you can get a degree in diagnostic imaging and prepare to enter the job market with the skills needed to be a competent Radiology Technician.

  • Western Career College-Citrus Heights

In Citrus Heights, California, the Western Career College offers a superior education in the healthcare field, including in the area of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. You will gain a degree and be ready to move forward in your career.

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