Radiology Technician Salary Range

A Radiology Technician is a fascinating career, giving you an opportunity to help patients get accurate diagnoses for illnesses and physical problems. A Radiology Tech is also called an X-ray Technician or a Radiographer. These healthcare technicians are vital in providing technical assistance to doctors, who can then interpret and diagnose for the patients from the images produced (radiographs or X-rays).

Radiology Technicians normally take two to four years of comprehensive training, which includes courses in anatomy, physics and biology. The average salary in the United States is about $48,000, and the range varies due to a number of different factors.

The Factors Affecting Salary Range as a Radiology Technician  

There are three major factors which affect the salary of a Radiology Technician. These are:

  • The level of education and amount of training the individual receives
  • The type of medical facility they work in
  • The individual’s geographic location

The level of education the person has received makes a large impact on salary. Taking two years to achieve an Associate’s degree is well worth the time spent in study. Some surveys have shown that almost eighty percent of the Radiology Technician jobs are filled by those who have attained this degree. Approximately seventeen percent of those working as Radiology Technicians have continued with school and have a Bachelor’s degree.

Another factor in income from this profession is dependent upon in which type of facility you work. Hospitals, diagnostic labs and physician offices all may offer a different range of salary for their Radiology Technicians.

Your location also has an impact on salary level. Larger urban areas usually pay more than facilities located in more rural areas. The amount of salary you receive also depends on what city you are working in. For instance, the average salary in San Diego, California is approximately $43,000. In New York City, you can earn up to $53,000. In Florida, the average salary for a Radiology Technician is around $41,000.

Of course, if you specialize in certain areas of Radiology, your income level can soar.

Specializing in the Field of Radiology

Specialization within the field of Radiology can bring vast rewards. Furthering your education opens doors that you wouldn’t believe possible. The more skill the job demands, the better the salary. There are many specializations you can look into, such as the below:

  • MRI Technician
  • Nuclear Medicine Technician
  • Radiologist Assistant
  • Radiologist (M.D.)

Where a salary for a Radiologist Technician (X-Ray Technician) may be $41,600, an MRI Technician would make $48,300, a Nuclear Medicine Tech would be making $56,400 and a Radiologist Assistant would make $90,000. Of course, training as a Radiologist (M.D.) means the most salary, averaging around $310,000 or more.

Naturally, there are further perks to any employment in this medical healthcare field. You will have medical benefits, as well as paid vacations. You can choose between working in an on-call position, in a busy emergency room or in a private lab.

Regions of the U.S. and Salaries for Radiology

The amount of salary for a Radiology Tech also depends on the state in which you reside and work. You can even determine where you will go to practice in the field before you get certified. You will want to meet any certificate requirements of the state where you will work.

Along the South Atlantic seaboard, you will find the lowest ranging salaries for a Radiology Tech. As you move to the Middle Atlantic States (such as New York and New Jersey) the salaries are a bit higher. In New England, there is about a $7,000 increase in the average salary. The Pacific coast pays the highest range of salary for a Radiology Technician.

Opportunities are Abundant for Radiology Technicians

Making a real future for yourself in the field of Radiology is a simple matter. It just means training thoroughly and long enough to become proficient and earning a certificate or degree. As you gain experience, you will open the door to more work and additional opportunities. Further education expands your opportunities, and means exceedingly high salaries (particularly if you become a Radiologist (M.D.). Your salary in this case can top over $300,000 a year.

No matter if you choose a specialization or not, you will certainly have the satisfaction of helping those in need of accurate diagnoses from medical doctors who depend on Radiology to provide them with images of the interior of the body. The employment opportunities are expected to increase through 2016 about 15%. Now is the time to start your new career.



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